Fourth down and short in Michigan territory with time running out in the first half, Michigan punted. Despite the incessant ‘Goooo!’ calls from the crowd on any 4th-and-short situation, Rodriguez correctly chose to punt.  

Question: what happened to the roll-out option punt that Michigan used very effectively last season?  We heard hints that Rodriguez might use Mesko more creatively this season but we haven’t seen it thus far through three games.  Wouldn’t that have been the perfect time for Zoltan to do the roll-out, take a peek and possibly go? 


  1. I forget where I saw this, but there is a new rule change this year regarding those rugby style punts. If the punter leaves the tackle box for a punt on the run, he cannot have a roughing the kicker penalty called against him

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  3. I believe Mr. Romer disagrees with you. Although given that the clock was low (and I don’t remember how far back in M territory they were), that can mitigate.

  4. yep, that’s the reason

    “Rugby-Style Kicker (Rule 9-1-4-a-5) The recent trend toward punters using a rugby-style kick has created a competitive disadvantage favoring the punting team. Because the player runs for several yards before kicking the ball, his teammates have more time to move downfield for coverage. Furthermore, there has been officiating inconsistency regarding whether such a rugby-style kicker has the same protection afforded a “normal” punter. Under the new rules, if a potential kicker carries the ball outside the tackle box (defined as extending five yards on each side of the snapper) before kicking the ball, there will be no foul for running-into or roughing if he is blocked or tackled by an opponent.”


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