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In last week’s WSJ, Darren ‘My Main Man’ Everson reported that the Vegas wise guys have pounced on the early release lines on two college football teams—Georgia, who they feel is underrated in the early lines—and your Wolverines for a different reason:

Conversely, Michigan looks overrated to the experts, who are skeptical of teams that have a new coach. Of the five Michigan games on the list of available matchups, four have moved by at least three points because of action against the Wolverines—most notably the Notre Dame game. Once a two-point favorite, Michigan is now a four-point underdog.

I just thought it was interesting, not a big deal.  And there are many reasons not to give a crap about this (and FWIW, the underdog in the U-M-Notre Dame game has a ridiculously good record in the past couple decades).  The bettors are reacting to the initial lines set by the book, so they are not necessarily saying Michigan is going to suck.   Even if they did, as we sit here before U-M has even had a fall practice, I’m guessing most fans wouldn’t care. 

Check out the whole story here.

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