I didn’t spend a lot of time on the concourse, but here’s a look at the standard menu.  As I understand it from Dave Brandon’s comments this week you’ll be seeing much more.   And postscript, the $6 drink price mention is just about the only thing Stoney got right in his tweets from Saturday’s scrimmage:



To appease the uproar over the water bottle ban, the athletic department decided to fight hate with a little H20 love and offer free commemorative bottles of water for the UConn game.  This isn’t a hot button issue for me, otherwise you would have heard about it on these pages.  Truth?  I didn’t even know you could bring water into the game until this came up.  

I got an advance edition of the exclusive water at media day and it’s cool.  Here’s a blurry shot of the logo:


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  1. Yeah, they tried to ban water bottles after 9/11, too. That didn't work, and this won't either: a) I need my water, and b) I'm not paying $4.