I saw this pop up on Twitter and now on eBay, what appears to be the official 2015 Michigan Football schedule poster. 

The vintage and modern split shot of Michigan Stadium is a great idea and nicely executed save for one big item:  the two halves are the same side of the stadium just flipped around.    The left is a view of the west side of the stadium looking north; the right once again features the west side of the stadium, but this time looking south. The west giveaways are the press box and flag pole on the old photo, and the flagpole (in the distance) and the empty band section on the current-day photo.  If you look really hard you can see John U. Bacon waaayyy up on the upper right in row 7 of the press box. 

Now…the folks at #1000SSS may have understood this and did it anyway (or did it intentionally) – because in small script in the lower left of the photo they wrote “South End Zone” and on the right they put “North End Zone”—perhaps to let the pesky nerds like me who would call out the west/west thing know that they meant to do this.  Or we can all blame Hyundai.  Either way I like it, but I would have properly split the stadium for something like this.  Minus one for Hackett (finally).

FYI –  For the vintage shot they this photo from the 1927 Ohio State stadium dedication game (via the U-M Bentley Historical Library).



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  1. Ha! That bugged me for a moment, too. I was initially confused at why or when the band sat near the south end zone. Chalked it up to creative license in the interest of showing both press boxes. Love the 150 logo in the lower left and how it incorporates the Ferry Field gates. Hope we see more of that this athletic year.

  2. Greg, Is this what they will be handing out at Youth Day for autographs? Have you heard any rationale behind them doing it on a Thursday only for an hour? I emailed Ablauf about it, but did not receive a response.

    • Probably to keep away the eBay hounds. I’m actually glad they changed things and made it more for the kids.