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Couldn’t help but watch the tape of the final quarter when I got home last night this morning.

I’m not sure how I missed former Michigan center Steve Everitt on the field at the game, but there he was chilling behind Hoke during the postgame chat with Erin Andrews in his lucky shirt:

everitt with hoke

Contrast that with the big man’s mood at last year’s Wisconsin’s game.  Don’t disturb the angry bear:

Not happy. 

Here he is again from 2008, rocking the lucky shirt when he was honorary captain for the game:

Update: Here’s my interview with Everitt right after the final whistle.  He seemed a bit confused:


Everitt Rules!

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    1. Thanks! Was watching the game with the proprietor of MetalSucks.net, and we were trying to figure out why Brady had a totally metal pet Viking with him.

    2. Everitt looks even scarier now then he did in college. Was he at Ricks after?

    3. Ryan Van Bergen has a great story:


      “(Former cornerback) Marlin Jackson was going nuts, he’s right next to me and jumping around and grabbing guys,” Van Bergen said. “(Former center) Steve Everitt almost knocked me down a couple different times.

      “When I got that fumble, I’m trying to celebrate with some of my guys. This blonde guy in a yellow shirt (Everitt) comes up and just smacks me. It was probably one of the harder hits I had of the game.

      “It was great to have those old guys back. They were into it. It was really like we were representing them with the Ms on our chest with the traditional jerseys. It was crazy to feel the passion that they had for us and the game.”


    4. Anyone else see Steve getting into it with the Notre Dame fans, after Vincent Smith scored? Curious what triggered that; I didn’t notice if they had been on him.