Here’s the next entry in ‘This Week in Michigan Football History’ to be played tomorrow on WTKA 1050AM’s Key Bank Countdown to Kick-off pregame show before the UMass game.

This is probably the most recent history we’ll visit in the series, just a few years back to September 18, 2004 when Michigan took on the Aztecs of San Diego State.     Hope you like it:

The sponsor is Wolverine Beer so here’s where you can find Wolverine Beer, or check out the Beer Wench’s Blog.  Anyone tried Wolverine Beer?  I should probably try one sometime soon.

You can hear all of the  This Week… clips here.


  1. No Wolverine Beer in Santorini, bit audio promo is great!

  2. Wolverine Beer… it is not great.

  3. Is that picture from the UConn game? Mike Hart was wearing that shirt at the Jug that night.