Here’s the next entry in ‘This Week in Michigan Football History’ to be played Saturday on WTKA 1050AM’s Key Bank Countdown to Kick-off pregame show before tomorrow’s battle against the Purdue.

This time we look back to 1971, as third year coach was crushing opponents on both sides of the ball.  Leading up to this game Michigan scored 124 points in the previous two games, and was holding teams to 5.1 points per game.   Gary Danielson and Purdue were up next, and it wouldn’t be easy for Bo’s Wolverines:

[Ed. One note:  The final score of the game was of course 20-17 (not 23-30 as mentioned in the recording.  Sorry about that.]

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You can hear all of the  This Week… clips here.


  1. Sorry, this is a bit belated, but I heard this segment originally back in November on the pregame broadcast – over my computer.

    I just want to point out that you got the final score wrong. It was Michigan 20, Purdue 17, NOT 23-20. I happen to remember it because the 17 points Michigan gave up that day were the MOST they gave up in any game over the three year period 71-72-73! In fact, during those three years over 34 games, only six opponents reached double figures in points scored! I remember it well. What defenses those early Schembechler era teams had, especially when contrasted with the Swiss cheese defense we've seen lately.