So the gang at The Michigan Daily, with some help from notable Daily alums, produced this:

daily book

Inside is a set of actual clippings, photos and stories covering the football program since The Daily’s existence.   I’ve held an actual advance copy and helped out a tiny bit on a late edit.  (Naturally I suggested a little more pre-1940 content).  

It looks beautiful, pick up a copy.  Ships on September 1.

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  1. Picked it up at Barnes & Noble yesterday. Great book, just wish it was hardcover.

  2. For anyone interested in a hard cover, you can purchase it at All profits from the hard cover support The Michigan Daily.

  3. Joe Joe Notre Dame

    Wait just a minute, I have a hard time getting down State Street with all the Hostess Twinkie Trucks heading to Brady Hokes office…

  4. Joe Joe Notre Dame

    I will take the subscription if it comes with an autographed TWINKIE from Brady Hoke