1. Any plans for Xbox 360 versions?

  2. Greg, I’ve never seen that photo of AC – is that the 1979 Indiana celebration? My parents had seats in row A down there somewhere if you or Dr. Sap could forward a link to that photo I would greatly appreciate it!

  3. I don’t have the templates for the X-box 360 game – I’ll see if they are out there or perhaps someone could provide the link? If so, I’ll pass along to Greg…

  4. Greg,
    that man [Carter touchdown photo] in the suade jacket is my uncle (Jerry Wright). He worked for the AAPD. Thanks for bringing back great memories of his devotion to the U of M. Go Blue!


  5. Thank you for the memories of my dad, the most interesting man in the world, with EA picture of AC. RIP DAD (jerry)
    It is a great to be a Michigan Wolverine