One of the things bloggers do when they’ve been away from the keyboard for a little while is check out site statistics. A quick scan of the incoming links revealed that my previous posts referencing my favorite Schembechler phrase are being peppered. It didn’t take long to find out why. As you may know by now you can thank Notre Dame head coach Chuck Weis for that:

“I think the first opportunity they’re going to have to really make a statement is that day [Sept. 6 against SDSU], and then we’ll listen to Michigan have all their excuses as they come runnin’ in and sayin’ how they have a new coaching staff and there’s changes. To hell with Michigan.”

** Translated by Brian at mgoblog, who is fluent in Hutt

Beautiful! I love this.

Rich Rod is getting from all sides this off-season and I say bring it on. Any shot at our new coach just unifies the fickle Michigan fan base and gives a reassuring boost to our rivalries. Now we need Tim Brewster to announce he’s cleared a space in his office to display the Little Brown Jug and we’ll be all set.

Referencing a Schembechler line is fine by me although I’m sure many would say that Weis would never dare say such a thing if Bo were alive. Again, I say bring it on.

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  1. I love this too (and hope it’s good for shirt sales). But, the skeptic, gimmicky spread offense hater in me cringes a bit at the thought of a third nearby coach taking a pot-shot (albeit indirectly in this case) at Coach Rodriguez. Say what you want about the characters taking the shots, but the college coaching world is a pretty tight network – these guys all know each other and more and more it’s appearing like they don’t like Coach Rod. I know I’m not as familiar with recent coaching changes at other schools, but this doesn’t smell right.

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