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I swung by WTKA 1050AM this morning to chat with Ira and Sam about the great Tom Harmon, the Big Ten Network’s #5 Icon.   The show will air Sunday at 2:30PM (and re-air at 9pm, if the Super Bowl is a dud.)

More Harmon stuff:

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  1. Looking forward even more to the Harmon Big Ten Icons show on Sunday after listening to the segment. My guess is that the controversies that swirled around Harmon his freshman year will be get some minor play so I think there's a pretty good chance that Greg will get his cameo. Here's hoping, anyhow.

  2. Just saw the Icons on Harmon. Great job Greg, you were "all up in there." I think you were on there more than Bacon!

  3. Great job Greg. Feed breaking up a lot, but from what I could see it's terrific.