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What a great season for John Beilein and the hoops squad. The Sooners were just too much and hats off to Blake Griffin for taking over the game with his aggressive moves to the hole. We seemed to be keeping it together with smoke and mirrors through the first half as Manny sat. Beilein’s system amazes me.

I thought the refs were inconsistent. Many coaches will tell you if nothing else, they want consistency from the zebras. At times it seems the refs were letting the teams play, at others times they were calling everything (maybe it was the blood). The foul trouble was obviously a big problem for Michigan but most of the fouls were deserved. One big exception was the last foul on Manny which looked ridiculous to me but oh well. It wouldn’t have mattered: Griffin did a great job taking to the bucket and converting. And they hit their free throws.

Here’s a clip of Griffin’s monster dunk, nicknamed the Sooner Boomer:

I think that dunk was before he bought everyone two tickets to his personal Gun Show:

“Smith. Wesson. Smith. Wesson. Smith…”

Exciting days await. Here’s to hoping Harris decides to stick around next year, beef up a bit and make another run at this thing.

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