Lists dominate college football posts and pages this time of year, and I caught a link to this one off of SI on Campus., which was website idea #57 of the guys in Knocked Up, produced its list of the top ten campus tailgates. Your collective efforts earned a respectful spot in the top five:

Number 5: Michigan
Ann Arbor is always a good place to catch a game. They’ve got good people who are knowledgeable about the game and who are happy to invite you to the party. Good food and drinks ranging from beer to bourbon (if you need to get warm quick) are supplied in mass quantity and there are plenty of tailgating activities to take part in. Start the day off right with some Ladder Golf and Corn Hole, two games that are great for tailgates.

Elsewhere: Check out Varsity Blue’s info on the ‘opportunities’ to get your spot in the new renovated stadium. Brochure snapshots included.