So Michigan’s rolling in the first half, everything’s clicking. We’re even recovering our inevitable fumbles. I’m sitting there and ESPN flashes the Big Ten standings. For about five seconds I caught myself looking up at the teams ahead of us, most of whom we still have to play, thinking, ‘this could happen, man!‘. Then I smacked myself with that leather glove I now keep handy and gradually of course reality gently crashed down, sometime around the time Nick Sheridan* was swallowed up in the Michigan end zone.

That game was torture. Most of you want so badly for these guys to put it together for a game and feel that excitement experienced after that Wisconsin game and it really looked like it just might for a while. Against Illinois you watched two quick scores followed by disaster, this time after Penn State threw a punch Michigan countered, scoring on a great drive to go up 17-7. It was about then they ESPN flashed those Big Ten standings and you started mulling over bowl possibilities. No chance, Lance.

I heard Brandstatter sum up Michigan’s season by saying something like, ‘Michigan’s found its enemy, and it is thyself.’ I think that’s both the good and the bad news. The good? When the unit clicks it seems like they are capable of anything, beating anyone. But the more they play the more it’s clear this unit can’t and won’t do it consistently – not this team.

So let’s hope they keep fighting. I think they will and I’m on board to watch this play out.

*I see a lot of folks picking on Sheridan out there–I think this, along with booing, is weak. He’s doing what he can (not much) do under crap circumstances (as a guy who’s not ready to play but has to).


  1. Found it interesting that AD had to reconfirm commitment to Rodriguez last week.

    I guess if he does not turn it around in the next two seasons, Rodriguez will be gone.

    We should take over unders on how many seasons Rodriguez gets if team does not improve.

  2. I think michigan needs a 12th man on defense like LSU has:

  3. Yeah, Sheridan is doing his best under crap circumstances, but it’s just not good enough. It’s time to give others a try to do their best under crap circumstances.

    Sheridan had his shot. He just doesn’t have it. No slam against him, I’m sure he’s talented and works hard and all that, but the offense sputters when he’s out there. Things seem to get chaotic.

    He had his shot, but it’s time to move on. No shame in that. Gotta do what’s best for the team.

  4. Tank – I agree, I just wish folks would leave it as you’ve described it and not blast the guy. I just wonder what the alternative is right now. I mean, obviously Rodriguez doesn’t have confidence in anyone other than Threet and Sheridan.