Tressel Weasel

Per a blog posted on, the online home for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and a sister site to MLive. Coach Jim Tressel was taking a few questions during an Alzheimer’s benefit, check out the exchange:

“Is there a gentleman’s agreement between Big Ten coaches that once a player verbally commits to a school, the other coaches are supposedly hands off?”

This was Tressel’s answer, after about a one-second pause.

“I guess only between the gentlemen.”

This of course was in response to the stink raised by Joe Tiller after losing a ‘committed’ recruit in the 11th hour to Michigan. The author suggests that if there are “Michigan fans who wish to interpret the following as “Tressel rips Rodriguez,” well, I can’t stop you.” No, you can’t stop the truth man and that was a rip.

So what are we to do with this? Instead of breaking this down into small little pieces I’ll simply draw upon the classic movie Caddyshack and share this exchange from inside the halls of Bushwood CC, as Rodney Dangerfield tries to steal a dance with the wife of his adversary:

Al Czervik: You’re a lot of woman, you know? You wanna make 14 dollars the hard way?
Judge Smails: You! You! You’re no gentleman!
Al Czervik: I’m no doorknob either, alright?


  1. This is a Quick way to RR into the fray! Keep it up sweater vest….We need a little more coal on the fire. This is get’n good. GO BLUE!!

  2. The more I think about that the “snake oil” quote from Tiller, the more I am intrigued. You rarely here coaches disparage each other like that, esp. in the same conference. The fact that two coaches have now addressed this is interesting to say the least.

  3. I think this is a lightly veiled shot at best. Because in all sincerity I don’t think that Tressel likens himself to a gentleman when it comes to handling recruits or for that matter the rivalry. Remember the bomb sniffing dogs incident?

  4. SouthernFriedWolverine

    No one mentions the fact that Tressel violated the “gentleman’s agreement” as well. I believe he offered Omameh the day after Omameh committed to Michigan. So while the agreement may exist “only between the gentleman,” we can surely conclude that Tressel does not count himself amongst that number.

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