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John Bacon, author of Bo’s Lasting Lessons, submitted a piece on Coach Carr to the current Michigan Today alumni magazine. Non-dues paying alums and non-alums alike might not see this otherwise. Here’s the link. It’s pretty much fluff but I like the way Bacon wraps it up:

I teach a class at Michigan on the history of college athletics, and invited Carr to speak. Last year, just three days after Bo passed away and two days after the Ohio State game, Carr asked, “Do you still need a guest lecturer?”

When I introduced him, all 75 students cheered, and he regaled them for the entire hour with stories about Bo, his own career and the importance of doing what you love and giving back. Carr may have a lukewarm relationship with TV, but the podium loves him. Carr told the class that if he wasn’t a college football coach, he would have been a high school English teacher—and a very happy one.

Carr was a teacher—one of the best this university has ever had. And over time, I’m convinced, that is exactly how Lloyd Carr will be remembered.

One memo to the distinguished journalist: Hey Bacs, double check the spelling of the bowl game Michigan just won.

You can also catch Bacon on Sunday on 1050AM WTKA’s Off The Field with co-host and M legend Jamie Morris.

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