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Various parts of Michigan Stadium are being overhauled as part of the stadium renovation.  Last season I heard that some of the troughs in the men’s bathrooms were replaced with traditional urinals with dividers.   For the ladies, the above photo is decent representation of what we’re dealing with and they cover just about every wall and along with a few traditional stalls.    As I understand it, the remaining troughs will be replaced this summer.

This topic came up on the WTKA 1050AM morning show and Sam expressed his disdain for the community drains, citing the hazards involved when adjacent streams go astray.  Listen to the short clip:


I’m not with Sam on this.   For me, anytime I have to leave my stadium seat I’ve got one mission: return as quickly as I can.   Unless they expanded the size of the bathrooms there’s no way you can achieve the throughput the troughs provide with stalls or urinals with dividers.  IIRC, years ago legendary AD Don Canham removed the mirrors in the women’s bathrooms to get ladies in and out quicker.   Let’s hope that there are enough new bathrooms to avoid the bottlenecks.

As far as Sam’s fear of getting hit with the occasional errant trickle, that’s certainly a risk with the troughs but in my experience you rarely end up elbow-to-elbow, even at halftime.   And for those who tailgate, hang out with drunks all morning and use the nasty port-a-pottys, the off chance a few drops make it to your pant leg is probably not the worst thing you’ll come into contact with during the day.


  1. Actually, I disagree that the troughs result in less time away from the game. I have used the men’s bathroom below section 39 for 35 years. That is one busy bathroom both just before kickoff, and at halftime. With the troughs, you could wait for a guy ahead of you or beside you after you are actually in the bathroom. And everyone is always spaced out so no one touches each other (except the swaying drunks). After the change to the individual stalls 2 years ago, (with the environmentally friendly no water urinals – thats a plug), I have never had to wait in line once in the bathroom. Not before the game or at halftime. There are always open stalls. The line to the bathroom moves about the same – at least I don’t notice any difference. I actually think everyone stands closer together now that there is a wall between everyone. And I think the flow in and out is better with the middle not being plugged up with people waiting in line. I do miss the “moo” chants.

  2. Junior, thanks for the analysis and I hope your experience proves out around the stadium.

  3. One sure way to get people in and out of the restrooms faster would be to widen the doors! Trying to get hundreds of people in and out through doors no wider than when you have on your house slows spectator traffic to a trickel.

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  6. Urinals built-in to every seat in the stadium, that’s what I say! Sit, watch, pee, all without ever having to leave your seat!