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ronald_mcdonaldBless his heart, Kyle Turley is still bitter that Hoke left San Diego State for Michigan.   And someone somewhere in Chicago is bitter that Obama left Illinois for the White House.

Rich Rodriguez had the entire State of West Virginia, Rick Heim, and about 30% of the Michigan fanbase bitter about how his hiring went down. 

Here’s the clip from the end of Turley’s interview on Jim Rome Wednesday:

Turley also cited Steve Fisher as the example of a guy who could have left SDSU for a bigger program but stayed, noting how Fish led SDSU to the Final Four last year (?). 


  1. This ring any bells? The J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS got to Turley! Scroll down to the pic on the left side, ha!


  2. ThoseWhoStayUofM

    How ARROGANT of this dipshit to say that Hoke just left SDSU for the money. Not only is it arrogant, but it’s hypocritical. So when SDSU hired Brady Hoke from Ball State, did they have any animosity for him then? Did he leave Ball State for SDSU because they flashed some money in his face? At least Hoke actually had roots at the University of Michigan. He was a coach for the Wolverines way before he ever coached at SDSU, or Ball State for that matter. He didn’t do it for the money and ANYBODY who actually has payed attention to anything Brady Hoke has said since he came here would know that. Not only is Turley misinformed, he is willfully ignorant and those are the worst kind of people. Brady Hoke is a “Michigan Man” and that title doesn’t leave you once you leave the university. That title stays with you as long as you continue to honor what it represents. There is pride in that title and the ignorant SDSU faithful need to recognize that.

  3. Deep, depressive shatola pervades this site.

    Get beyond it.

  4. And don’t call me Turley.

    You had to know that was coming, right?