Rich Rodriguez Gator Bowl 
I have no gut feeling on what’s going to happen—I’ve had people tell me before the bowl that Harbaugh was pretty much a done deal, and for while I’ve had word that discussions with Hoke were very serious.

Prior to the bowl the needle seemed to sway toward Harbaugh leaving Stanford and heading to Michigan.  Now, chatter seems to be the other way, with even a few speculating that he might stay in Palo Alto.  Several folks close to the program, like Sam Webb, say all the talk at this point in nonsense.

It’s not about the money, at least when talking Michigan vs. the NFL as Brandon will pay what it takes.   I see Harbaugh as the type who’s going to value the better situation for himself and the people in his life ahead of the bucks.    Guys who tweet out Gordon Lightfoot lyrics (and mean it) don’t chase dollars:


If I’m Harbaugh I absolutely leave Stanford—you’ve got to move now and who knows what will happen in the next couple years.  And I’ve always understood when college coaches head to the pros.  No matter what happens at that level there always seems to be a high profile gig waiting for them back in college. 

I think Harbaugh’s a different kind of cat, as many of these high achieving guys are, and nothing would surprise me at this point.


  1. I resigned myself to the Brady Hoke era a couple days ago, so this news is not surprising. I find I deal with depression much better than anger.

  2. Let's see. Go to Michigan, inherit the worst defense in the school's history, an abyssmal special teams and finesse offensive players with really no time to recruit. Go to the NFL, make ridiculous amounts of money and a chance to one-up your brother. Stay at Stanford – a private school – that could probably pay me as much as Michigan and build something incredible. Don't get me wrong. I want Harbaugh to be here. But sometimes fans like us need to step out of the Maize and Blue bubble and see things for what they really are. And keeping Rich Rod now would be like putting those bankers who screwed up the mortgage industry in charge of fixing the economy. In other words, sad panda face.

  3. 1. The boosters and big money donation folks want Harbaugh in the worst way and are willing to put in cash to make it happen.

    2. Brandon loves Brady Hoke, he would be his first choice of coach.

    3. Mary Sue Coleman wants anyone other than Harbaugh based on his DUI, messy divorce, and the shot he took at UM a few years ago regarding academics.

    His theory is that Brandon and MSC have to at least appear to be talking to Harbaugh to keep the boosters from going nuts, but are going to make sure the negotiations go nowhere so they can hire Hoke in the end.

    If this is true… DAVE BRANDON = BILL MARTIN = FAIL

  4. Teddy – A little short-sighted, no? Did you also think Bill Martin = fail when he hired RichRod in the first place? You never know how these coaches will turn out.

    Interestingly, Hoke was on the Western Michigan staff under Jack Harbaugh (on the same staff with John Harbaugh). Maybe the Hokes and Harbaughs are all best buddies and they're just playing jokes with the media and the Michigan family until Brandon announces Harbaugh as the new coach.

  5. Dools, DB better have a rabbit up his sleeve, because this is getting old quick!