Saturday’s edition of This Week in Michigan Football History drops back to exactly five decades ago to November 10, 1962 as Bump Elliott’s struggling 1-5 Wolverines took on Illinois.  It was that day, according to John U. Bacon, that one of the greatest traditions in college football was hatched: the coveted Michigan banner:

You can catch all of the This Week in Michigan Football History clips here.   Listen to it live tomorrow on the KeyBank Countdown to kick-off on WTKA 1050AM or catch it live inside the Bud Light Victors Lounge.

Want more?  Check out John U. Bacon’s piece, Banner Beginnings here and follow MVictors on Twitter.

GO BLUE banner Michigan


  1. Greg,
    okay, you’ve whetted my palette to see some older photos of “The Banner”. Got any around? I’d love to see if and how it might have changed over the years. I did notice that UM brought out a new one last game (darker blue
    thanks. Brian

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