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I’ll be live in studio talking Tommy Harmon and his final game in the winged helmet, played on this day November 23, 1940.   Much has been said and written about the performance and that continues this morning :)


My talking points:

  • Crisler stopped the train on the way to the game because the players were goofing off (talking about parties & girls).  Fritz pulled the team off the train in Toledo, read them the riot act.  The players actually kept up the tomfoolery after Crisler’s speech, but captain Forest Evashevski assured the coaches that the team would be ready.  
  • Evy (also in his final game) wouldn’t let Crisler put in subs during the game until the very end.
  • Near the end of the game, Evy grabbed a cigar out of a fan’s mouth and took a big puff.
  • Harmon scored 3 TDs and broke Red Grange’s scoring record in the game.
  • Harmon’s and the official game stats are here – he did it all  – rushing for 136, passing for 157, 1 interception, 2 punts for 117 yards, punt/kick returns, 4 extra points, scored 3 TDs – 22 points scored total.
  • The Ohio players congratulated Harmon as he left the field at the end of the game, and Harmon famously received a standing ovation from the Buckeye crowd.  Some fans poured onto the field and grabbed at Harmon’s jersey.
  • Ohio State’s coach was Francis Schmidt, the man who started the gold pants tradition.   He and his entire staff “resigned” after the game.   It was the worst Ohio State loss since 1902, and the worst since the Buckeyes joined the Big Ten in 1912.

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  1. Old 98 must be rolling over in his grave after watching Gardner wear his number.