Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis vs. Michigan 1945 - Yankee Stadium

While 1945 isn’t the greatest in Michigan football history, Fritz Crisler’s crew finished the season #6 in the country and played one of the toughest schedules in the land.  More importantly, Crisler made history when he faced #1 Army at Yankee Stadium and their Heisman winning duo Glenn Davis and Doc Blanchard.

TWIMFbH gets into it here, and I even said “Fritzmen”:

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1932 –“I thought Crisler was a Violin Player”
1934 – Harry Kipke and the Fall of 1934
1937 – Fritz’s Secret Practice
1938 – Harmon and Old Number..Six?
1938 – Debut of Crisler’s Winged Helmet
1944 – Michigan’s Debut as a Nocturnal Eleven
1945 – Army Program from Yankee Stadium
1947 – 1948 Rose Bowl and the title debate
1948 – Crisler Describes the Spinner

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  1. Outstanding! Leave it to Fritz Crisler to adapt to a tough challenge. Love to find out how Crisler would address the challenges in the current football landscape. GO BLUE!

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