For this edition of This Week in Michigan Football history we head back four and a half decades to the home finale of the 1968 season, Bump Elliott’s final year at the helm of the Wolverines.

On November 16, 1968 the Big House was barely half full.  Those who didn’t bother to show certainly regret it as Michigan, Big Ten and heck, NCAA history was made by Bump’s badass back Mr. Ron Johnson.

347 yards on the ground.  One man.  Barely more than 3 quarters.   Ponder that here in 2013.   Today, Friday November 15, we are as far from that type of performance as we’ve been since that day 45 years ago.

Johnson, along with Elliott and Old 98, graced the program cover (above) for this game and this was fitting.   Johnson’s big day knocked out a couple of Harmon’s records, and of course it was Bump’s final home game.  (P.S. I want one of those vintage ‘68 coaches shirts).

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  1. That coaches’ shirt is interesting for the fact that it appears they used the circle-M silkscreen template for more than just the football and basketball socks. It’s the same design, same size, and it all came from the same office in Yost Fieldhouse. A far cry from current apparel deals, that’s for sure.

  2. You mentioned the attendance, but failed to mention the weather. It rained like he–, we left at half time and got home in time to see the second half. Ron bolted through the Wisconsin line and was off to the races. Absolutely great performance! He is truly a “Michigan Legend”.