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IMG_7729 4 looks at scoreboard

To kickoff season VII of This Week in Michigan Football History we go back a mere 365 days to the official start of the Jim Harbaugh era.   Salt Lake City, Utah of all places was the venue, and no, it turns out Harbaugh didn’t have any pixie dust in those khakis.  But we saw enough to believe that things were about to change – dig it:

As always, this segment will appear all season on WTKA’s epic KeyBank Countdown to Kickoff prior to each game.  You can hear it live inside the Go Labatt Blue Light Victors Lounge starting at 8am Saturday.  Go Blue!

You can listen to all of This Week in Michigan Football History clips here.

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  1. Go Blue You are the Champions of the West My grandfather Arnold would close the store at 220 main street and we would hang the M flag and walk down to the stadium for a game Fond memories. Fan from Maine now