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A plug for the book pulled together by the students over at The Michigan Daily, coming out this summer.  I got to peruse a beta copy and even offered a couple small suggestions (umm, and maybe slightly inspired the concept?).   It’s definitely worth picking up. 

It’s basically an era by era look at the history of Michigan football, including articles, photos and other goodies as they appeared back in the day.  Readers of this site know I’m a fan of leveraging the Daily for my research and they did a great job putting it in book form.

For more details follow this link or click below:

daily book




  1. Greg, are you writing the book about Yost and the first college football dynasty? I remember reading about it in HTTV’s magazine just not sure if it was you or Craig Ross.

  2. Is it worrisome or irrelevant that the forward for the book is written by Honest Michael Rosenberg?

  3. Is Rosenberg an alum of the Daily? He’s one of my favorite sports journalists.

  4. Two things on Rosenberg:
    1. He’s the one who suggested to the Daily staff that I give the draft a look.
    2. His forward is very well done

  5. Very much looking forward to this and very much looking forward to the potential ebook of the Daily’s best longform articles that they are considering based on a suggestion I made.