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Special to MVictors.com, a guest columnist breaks down the Bud Light WTKA mVictors Lounge

Props to WTKA and the Bud Light Victors Lounge. Free beer, free food, Michigan football and strippers. Can you beat it? No.

Nobody took their clothes off but when free beer is involved you never know what will happen. Budweiser and Mr. Roof sponsored the event which features not only Bud beer but also Smokehouse Blue BBQ. On hand for the pre-game show was WTKA’s Sam Webb, the Ann Arbow News’ Jim Carty, Steve Clarke and the rest of the WTKA crew. Enjoy a few pics from the event:

You’ve got to get past this bad ass if you want into the coveted Victors lounge tent:

Sam Webb of the Michigan Insider and gobluewolverine breaking down the EMU game:

Would rather be a participant, the bar bartender inside the lounge:

Hello, Dolly… A few of the talented ladies from Deja Vu that graced the Victors lounge. “What’s that, you two wanna kiss?”. Aw, just jokes:

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