I held an impromptu live blog last night, thanks to those who joined.  I thought there were some good thoughts and in the end, an epic slogan.  As it was winding down chatter Aaron wrote: “Someone unite the clans.”  

Unite the Clans!

Unfortunately I don’t think all the clans will be united until someone puts a solid winner on the field.   I’ve already heard how there are several insiders/administrators who won’t ever forgive Harbaugh for the academic standards comments

The chat boiled down to where you stand on Rich Rod, Harbaugh and the other coaching options.  There is a small percentage (fewer than 10%?) of folks remaining that want to keep Rich Rod.   But I feel for the vast majority the question comes down to this at this point, pick where you stand:

Where do you stand?

  • Can't Get Harbaugh? Keep Rich Rod (51%, 352 Votes)
  • Get a new coach (49%, 332 Votes)

Total Voters: 676

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During the live blog I popped that up and it went about 75/25 in favor of the Harbaugh or Rich Rod option.

Either way-  what’s it going to take to – UNITE THE CLANS?!!  A Rose Bowl?  This guy?:



  1. I don't think any coach will unite the clans. You have those who want the Michigan of the 80s and 90s yet fail to realize we live in a completely different age of college football. You have those who still believe in this myth of the student-athlete. You have the win-at-all costs type versus those who think Michigan is squeaky clean. I was hoping Rich Rod had success here because it meant Michigan was successful. With the Pitt job re-opening, I think he'll go there because of his familiarity with the Big East. I do not want Brady Hoke. At Ball State and S.D. State he accumulated wins against teams with losing records and then lost to decent teams, yet everyone seems to be impressed with those close losses.

  2. I think Harbaugh would be the best option to "unite the clans". I was excited to RR come to Michigan, but controversy (WVU contract breech, NCAA vilolations, mass transfers) and losing has sullied the Michigan name.

    Another transition would be set the Wolverines back, but the focus would be on team improvement instead of focusing on other issues.

    Thanks for the liveblog last night Greg. There were some great discussions.

    • Greg from MVictors

      Thanks for joining – had nearly 300 online on a live blog that launched with no notice

  3. Greg – tried to join the live blog from my mobile from the twitter link. Didn't work. Not sure what that's about.

    • Greg from MVictors

      It was probably over when you clicked thru. It was only up for 90 mins or so and I deleted the post. I might live blog from the press conference(s) this week

  4. Agree with Schefter that Michigan is the team to beat for Jimmy? … I think Adam is very smart on this one.

    RT @Keo_Jacoby: @Jay_Glazer. What are the chances of Harbaugh going to the Uni of Michgan?>Very good

    I really trust Jay Glazer and it seems like every NFL insider thinks JH is coming to Michigan unless something crazy happens. Also, people in the Carolina front office are convinced he’s going to AA and if there was a best fit for him it would have been the Panthers. They have a great ownership group (49ers are a mess playing in the worst stadium in the league) and the chance to draft Luck with the #1 pick.

  5. I can confirm that everyone talking about anything coaching related knows nothing, just like the rest of us. The only thing I know is I dont want JH at UM. He would be my last choice..well right ahead of Miles..