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Bill Martin hints at “required donation” for 2004
Football season ticket renewals were sent out last week. As expected, ticket prices were raised again, this time between $1-$5, depending on the seat location and on the opponent.

The Wolverines AD has continued the policy of charging a higher amount for the better games. In 2003 there are two “premium” games on the schedule: Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Ohio State Buckeyes. It makes you wonder if the other schools feel slighted as not being designated as a premium opponent. Hmm.

Athletic director Bill Martin basically guaranteed that Michigan will institute some type of seat license or required donation program in 2004, to make up for having only 6 home games on the schedule. But I have a feeling once this fee is in place, it is here to stay.

Speaking of fees….the other change this year is the ability to renew season tickets online. I was pretty happy when I saw this feature, especially given the prospect of avoiding the $6 handling fee that is charged to renewals that are mailed in. My glee was quickly dashed when I went online to see that not only was the $6 fee still there, it was jacked up 50% to $9. In an email, the M ticket department explained that the $3 extra was added to help “cover the costs we incur for providing this convenient service.” I hope that the Michigan athletic department’s Victor’s Club doesn’t mind if I conveniently reduce my donation by 50%.

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