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Coach Outraged over possible Rematch
Memo to Urban Meyer, take a cold shower. Check out this quote I snagged from ESPN.com this evening from the Florida coach:

Florida coach Urban Meyer said Sunday a rematch between Michigan and Ohio State would be cause for immediate change to the BCS. “If that does happen, all the [university] presidents need to get together immediately and put together a playoff system,” he said. “I mean like now, January or whenever to get that done.”

Part of me wishes they would institute a playoff anyway, but Coach Meyer, why the outrage? He went on to explain that it wouldn’t be fair to Ohio State [that’s life without a playoff, Coach], that Michigan had their shot and didn’t even win their conference. He then went on to explain why the other close teams (Arkansas, Notre Dame, and USC) really didn’t deserve a shot either. With two weeks left in the season it is clear this man has no class.

Here’s to hoping that Lloyd Carr quietly defends his team’s chance on a neutral-field game against the Buckeyes, but leaves it at that. I don’t know if Meyer still has an out clause in his contract to coach at Michigan, but someone should tell Meyer that Michigan doesn’t hire weiners.

The problem with all these arguments on who deserves to be #2, and they are ringing all over the TV and internet this morning, is that they are trying to apply logic to resolve a problem that can’t be fixed. There is no good answer to this system. Some people rejoice in all the debate – I guess it is fun to talk about – but given what’s at stake here to the players, coaches and fans it doesn’t seem fair.

UPDATE: Looks like just about a year to the day when all this went down, Meyer and Carr will clash at the Capital One Bowl in 2008. Required for the game? Your Urban Meyer Wiener gear while they last:

Urban Meyer Wiener Shirt for the 2008 Capitol One Bowl


  1. The guy needs to shut up and focus on beating FSU and Arkansas, which is not a given. If he wanted a free ride into the BCS Championship he should have beaten Auburn. there is no way for him to automatically assume his one loss Gators are any more deserving then the one loss Wolverines. Maybe if Michigan had lost to Wisconsin and not OSU he would feel different? The polls seem to agree that losing only to the #1 team at home by only 3 points says more about Michigan then getting dumped by Auburn and squeaking by South Carolina.

  2. Especially since the team Florida lost to is not only a 2-loss team, but both losses came at home by double digits. Honestly, given who handed all the one loss teams their only loss, how could you pick any but Michigan to go to the championship? I want a playoff too, just not this year. Go Blue!

  3. On second thought, maybe the bowl selection people should just match up Michigan against Florida. After we pounded the Gators Meyer would be wishing they had put us in the championship. If only we had a playoff we could punish the Gators and then claim the title against OSU.

  4. Meyer’s comments are based on strength of schedule- (4) commentators-including Corso and Kirkstreit- this season have expressed the opinion that the Gators have the most difficult schedule IN NCAA HISTORY. If the Gators win against Arkansas and FSU, they will have played against (7) top 25 teams while Michigan played (2). I do not believe UF is the #2 team in the country but should they win the next (2) games which includes the SEC championship the toughest conference in the nation against the #6 team in the country, shame on the BCS for shutting them out.

    Greg – That’s the problem. You make a somewhat logical argument. Meyer, instead of using his brain and making the case for his team, made statements trying to discredit another team. Then went on to essentially insult the voters and the system itself. He may be right, but the problem is with the way he presented his case.

  5. Meyer completely wrote off his next two games. he assumed he had the wins. im pretty sure arkansas is playing pretty tough football.

  6. Let’s all just be honest with ourselves when we make strength of schedule arguments. Nobody in their right mind will argue that Florida State beat the #12 team in the country, just because Miami was preseason #12. Just look at what happened to Miami since. They are not a good team, and certainly not #12. But that is the equivalent of what you are saying, Greg.

    “Meyer’s comments are based on strength of schedule- (4) commentators-including Corso and Kirkstreit- this season have expressed the opinion that the Gators have the most difficult schedule IN NCAA HISTORY. If the Gators win against Arkansas and FSU, they will have played against (7) top 25 teams while Michigan played (2).”

    Check the rankings again. Florida may have played 7 teams that were ranked at the time they played, but they will have played only four teams that are ranked at the end of the regular season, a much better measure of how good a team really is. And Michigan played three such teams – Wisconsin, Ohio State, and ND. So your strength of schedule argument is not quite so convincing.

    And why is it that everyone assumes the SEC is the best conference just because “experts” say it is so? Somebody show me a stat that indicates they are so great based on how they have beaten really good teams from other good conferences. The best nonconference win for the conference I can think of is Tennessee’s opener over Cal. But Cal has since lost to Arizona and USC. And if all you are saying is that the SEC is better than the PAC 10, I don’t think anyone would argue. Show me facts and tell me why they matter.

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  8. I lost all respect for Urban when he announced right at the time the U of U made history by being invited to the BCS, that he was going to Florida. He could have waited until the season was over and no one would have faulted him. The team I used to hate the most was BYU, now its Florida because him. WHAT A LOSER.

  9. Guys, Have you looked at your own website? If USC wins, Michigan will be playing LSU or have to re play Notre Dame. Now that is sad.

    Larry- Yes, we have looked at our website. We don’t make projections, we simply list them.

  10. I am saddened that a coach that i used to have respect for has shown how low class he really is.
    I have decided to do the most honorable thing and simply not watch any BCS games including the rose bowl. The only real way to get a playoff system is to depopularize the bowl games, if they started losing money, maybe we would get a change. I n the past years with the exception of last year, we have had a fictional national champion. I don’t see the point of watching anymore.

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  12. Guys, guys, guys…I have to agree, you Wolverines certainly have a bone to pick with how the BCS came down. However, you’ve got to admit that Meyer was effective in his lobbying efforts despite coming off as a whining wiener. Carr took the high road — to his credit. But when the dust settles, all anyone will remember is the BCS Championship Game, who played in it, and who won. You guys had your chance. And to add insult to injury, Urban Meyer is an Ohio boy and a former assistant coach at Ohio State. Ouch.

  13. Buckeye Tom – I have heard this “you had your chance” thing so many times, and to some extent I agree. But since the entire underlying premise of the argument is fairness (and since Coach Meyer is so concerned about fairness) I say we give Florida the same chance Michigan got – let them play the national championship in Columbus without giving half the tickets to Gator fans like they would in a regular bowl game. Sound fair? Not exactly, but that is exactly what everyone is referring to as Michigan having its chance. I felt all along that Nov. 18 was the national championship, and I still feel that way. Michigan played hard, made too many mistakes, and came up just short to an excellent Buckeye team. There is no getting over the bitterness of being given a fair shot at the national title, so hopefully the Buckeyes (as well as the Badgers and Nittany Lions) represent the Big Ten well against the SEC, pound the Gators, and show the country how really impressive it was that Michigan played them so close on the road.

  14. Aaron — your points are valid and I hear your pain. I think we all know that Meyer shamelessly used “fairness” as his smokescreen to dominate the national debate as to why his Gators deserved a shot at the title. The clever bastard influenced (manipulated is too strong a word for a college coach isn’t it?) the media and the pysche of the BCS voters regarding the potential injustice of excluding an SEC team yet again…and amid the constant drumbeat of ” the SEC is the best all-around conference in the country” and the exlcuded 12-0 Auburn of the past, well it was the perfect storm that Meyer needed in order to garner his votes. So, the squeaky wheel got the grease. I stated before the OSU-Mich game to all my Buckeye friends and anyone else who would listen that I did not favor a rematch, no matter what the outcome. I remembered the FSU-Florida rematchin the 90’s and hated it. In fact, I hate all the Florida teams so I’m really looking forward to sticking it to the Gators — and to silencing those reptile whiners for a good long time. And speaking of which, do the same to USC — it will only help fuel the debate as to whom should have really played in the BCS championship game.

  15. Whats up now? Michigan got smoked. So shut up. fuck michigan

  16. 2006 National Champion Gators

    I think it is obvious who the best team in the country is now. Michigan isn’t number 2, not even top 5.

    Well done “2006 National Champion Gators”. Glad the entire team chimed in on mvictors. At any rate, no argument here on your title – well done, complete and dominate. But winning does make up for your coach’s pre-selection antics. For the record, I had no major issue with Florida getting into the game over Michigan.

  17. Note to Michigan fans and whomever made this site:
    GET OVER IT!!! Urban Meyer is a great coach who stands up for his players! Maybe you should just play better next year and you won’t have to worry about it!

    [Webmaster: Get over it? We’re over it. But your coach still has no class. That doesn’t ever change man.]

  18. Urban has no class? WOW! I think your confusing what it is to have balls and what it means to have class. See Urban is very classy, well spoken, sticks up for his team, and is driven. You guys have been stuck with a coach who has no balls. Carr is too old school with his off tackle left, off tackle right, screen pass, and then punt. BORING & SHOWS LACK OF TESTICULAR FORTITUDE!

    I went with a buddy to the Ohio State vs. Michigan ass whopping this year and saw the worst college football of my life. Big Ten football couldn’t be more predictable and monotonous. You guys should pray to the football gods that Les decides to join the cake walk conference that is the Big Eleven… I mean Big Ten. Without someone who can convence your old school boosters that times have changed, you will be screwed and stuck with another coach who has NO BALLS!

    So in closing, Urban will go down as one of the greatest coaches in history. Not because he lobbied for BCS contentinon, or because he beat a team in a championship game that Michigan clearly had no reason being in… But because he is innovative and has a system that works. And the forcast is looking about the same for both teams. Tebow and crew are making a big name for themselves next year, and MIchigan…Well good luck with whatever “C” list coach you end up with for 2 years! Not to mention your recruiting that will soon end up in the dumps!


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  20. Michigan blows! You will be conference losers again!! You wish you had Urban Meyer at UM. Rodriguez will be gone halfway through 2009 season. Go Gators!!!

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