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Old Yost Field House in Ann Arbor

Great article in USA Today that ran yesterday, thanks to my Dad for pointing it out. Also I see Michigan Sports Center included it as a must read in its quick hits yesterday.

Agreed, this is a must read and its the second major media source to feature one of Michigan lessor known facilities in a week. The current issue of Sports Illustrated takes you through down the hallowed lanes within Canham Natatorium to check on Michael Phelps and other Olympic hopefuls. Now yesterday, USA Today ran a story on the great Yost Ice Arena.

Some highlights:

First, here’s Coach Berenson on his pitch to recruits considering where they want to skate:

“What I tell kids is that if you want to go to the school with the nicest rink, go straight to Grand Forks, because (North Dakota) has the nicest rink,” says Berenson, 68, former NHL player and coach. “But if you want to play in a rink with a great environment and a lot of history, then you should come to Michigan, because Yost is a player’s rink.”

More Berenson feeling the pain of a poorly dressed parent:

Berenson recalls fans poking fun at an opposing parent about her “polyester suit.”
“They got into where she shopped and started chanting ‘Kmart,’ ” Berenson says. “And they are all in sync. It’s amazing. I felt bad for the parent.”

Host of the CCHA preview show and local media hockey guy Art Regner on Michigan fans:

“People say Michigan has an arrogance. But the bottom line is that Michigan fans care about Michigan and they don’t care about anybody else.”

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