18. December 2007 · Comments Off on Victors Club PSD Points mixed up · Categories: Archive 2007, Bowls, Fans, The University, Tickets

For those of you who are season ticket holders and/or Victors club members, don’t fret about the recent totals in the Preferred Seats Donation (PSD) renewal mailer. I know that many of the mailers included screwed-up PSD totals; mine for instance showed 0.00. Sources inside Weidenbach Hall tell me that:
a) there was a screw-up transferring the PSD totals from a spreadsheet to the mailer [they’re using the hottest technology I see],
b) an email will be going out explaining this, and
c) if you are worried about the location of your Capital One bowl tickets, I’m told that they were assigned according to your correct PSD.

This site is NOT AFFILIATED in any way with the Victors Club or the University. If you have questions about your PSD or anything related to your ticket or Victors club status, please refer to the official site.

Update: Speak of the devil…just got an email from Marty Bodnar of the ticket office explaining the mix-up.

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