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NOVEMBER 10, 2006 Today in the mail I received a package from the Michigan Victors Club. The letter contained a DVD titled “2005-06 DVD: A Tribute To Your Support & Commitment for Michigan Student-Athletes”. I gave it a quick watch on my PC. It recapped the 2005-06 athletic season and some of the main events. It was certainly well packaged, some of the highlights:
– A quick brush over the 2005 football season, touching on the big wins over Iowa, PSU, and Michigan State.
– An emotional interview with the Michigan baseball coach (who was brought to tears) discussing his Big Ten Championship team.
– A look at some of the new building on campus, including the new academic center.
– A clip of a rain delay-induced “dance off” between the Michigan and Wisconsin softball teams.

So why does the Victors Club distribute this media? I assume it is a) to make us feel better about donating to the Victors Club, and b) a soft touch before giving half the Victors Club members the bad news (that they won’t be BCS Championship tickets)?? :)

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