Near the end of Wojo’s extensive Q&A with Coach Hoke was this exchange:

Q. Many fans crave a return to old Michigan ways. You’ve talked about being tough in the trenches, having a pounding defense. What about the little traditions, like helmet stickers again?

A. I don’t know about the helmet stickers yet. I’m gonna get some counsel from ex-players, from coach (Gary) Moeller, coach (Jerry) Hanlon. We are going to have captains, I can promise you.

It’s a tradition many believe started with Woody Hayes and the Buckeyes in the late 1960s but thanks to the piece in Hail to the Victors 2010 by John Kryk (with Steve Sapardanis), we know that the tradition was actually started by Bo.  Kryk described the scene in 1969 when Schembechler announced that the Wolverines would be placed stickers on their helmets after games:

“Oh, like Woody?” a reporter asked.

“Uh-uh.” Schembechler grinned triumphantly.  “Woody got the idea from me.”

Kryk goes on to trace the start back of the “big-play” stickers to 1965, Bo’s third season at Miami, OH (then still nicknamed the Redskins).  They used little red tomahawks.

Thanks to Sapardanis, here’s a breakdown of the Michigan helmet decals used to date:

decal history

Count Sapardanis as one who would like to see the tradition return in fact he’s made a bold suggestion as to the design.   Hoke told Wojo, “If we don’t win the championship, we failed, period.”   OK, then why not this?

Michigan Rose Decal

What do you think?

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  1. I love the idea, Hoke trying to bring back the old ways how Michigan use to do things, I love it! GO BLUE!!


  2. The thing I always disliked about the helmet stickers were how big they were.

    I'd be a fan of smaller round stickers that are clear with a maize block M. They'd only be placed on the blue parts of the helmet like the old ones.

    Something smaller and simpler, I think, could look good.

  3. Small stickers on the rear of the helmet. Done.

    But seriously… some solid defense first. Aesthetics can come later.

  4. helmet stickers encourage competition,and working harder to create a play (caused fumble,interception,sack etc…..) its a great idea….the more stickers= more wins

  5. I agree with everyone above. Bring the stickers back ALONG with a defense. I'm VERY excited about UM football in the coming years with HOKEMANIA. GO BLUE!!!

  6. No way I love the clean and classic look the helmets have now. I always felt the stickers take away from the overall look of the helmet. We have the greatest helmet in football why put something on it to take away from that.

  7. My knock on helmet stickers is simply that they clutter up the helmet too much.

  8. NO HELMET STICKERS!!! It will give the nut jobs fans down south ammo. Think about it. As fans we don’t need little stickers to tell us who is having a good season. Plus they are ugly why cover the most beautiful piece of head gear on earth. It’s for kids.

  9. Coming form an ex football player from a university in which had helmet stickers it was always a big deal getting them. You always wanted to do your best and help your team but getting together before that next practice getting your helmet sticker was always exciting and gave you that little more motivation to go that extra mile in practice.