“Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to the Big Toaster Oven..”SALINE, MICHIGAN I never really questioned why the first batch of stadium renovation drawings only included the outside of the new structure. Thankfully many in the public did, and this week Bill Martin released artist renderings of what the inside of the Big House in 2008. You can view all the photos here. I guess I expected the outside of the building to translate to how the inside would look, that is, with a lot of brick. There is no brick.

Inside the Big House Renovation

I understand that you probably need lighter materials in that section of the building, and you want to optimize the viewing space, but did the inside need to look like it was glued onto the outer structure of the building? Was this inspired by Bill Martin’s toaster oven? Has anyone seen the Soldier Field renovation? The adherence to tradition, etc., that is upheld on the outside just wasn’t brought to the inside. Makes me wonder if they intentionally didn’t release the inside pics until the public demanded it. One other concern, how’s that glare of the setting sun going to feel for the people on the west side of the stadium (facing the East glass box?).


  1. I wonder if it was just a rush to get something out as well, because I’ll be damned if it’s not tackier than a set of solar panels on top of a trailer.

  2. I can see the University’s logic though. High dollar supporters will pay huge sums of money to be inside those glass rooms instead of sitting outside and be forced to look at them.

  3. Will we no longer be able to view the UFO/Chrysler arena top any more? that might be good, so we arent reminded about the fact that these guys can add superfluous luxury seating to a thriving fattened swine of a football program, but cant seem to come up with a few lousy mil (ok 40 mil, still a drop in the UM athletic fundraising bucket) to raise the basketball facilities to bare minimum division I requirements. We can add a few thousand seats every other year, revamp the Stadium so it looks like a $10,000 honda CRX with $30,000 of souped up aftermarket parts, but cant build a practice facility for the hoops squad that currently is a huge handicap for recruiting players.

  4. Dudes, I kind of dig it. All 2001: A Space Odyssey. Maybe we can get a computer generated Hal-esque PA announcer. He’d melt down when the other team scores. In all seriousness, I do think it looks kind of plush and intimidating. 111,000+ and a whole lot of of one-way mirrors staring down the opposition….

  5. The ‘haves’ staring through that Southern police trooper Ray Ban one way glass at the ‘have-nots’.