On this day in 1979…still gives me the chills.  Via the great WolverineHistorian:

While it was somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy I suppose, I love that in all the madness Ufer recognized that play in the context of Michigan football history when he offers that it will be remembered for another 100 years (’79 of course was the 100th anniversary of the program). We can safely say that’s true of course, looking back 35 years later and it’s probably more to do with Ufer’s call than the play itself.

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  1. I can still remember being there and seats on the 10 yard line and having that play happen right in front of us. Chills seeing it and then even more reliving it with Bob Ufer. We were blessed.

  2. Buddy Moorehouse

    I was in the Michigan Marching Band that day. Still my greatest thrill in that stadium. Thanks for remembering this, Greg.