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Via an email from Joey Held of the PR firm Hill and Knowlton:

One of our clients is adidas, and this weekend, in honor of 9/11, several schools are wearing special “Stars and Stripes” jerseys. Michigan is one of those schools, and it’s our job to make sure the media knows about it.

Judging by straw poll of instant retweets, 65% hate it (or hate the USA), 30% love it and 5% just like to retweet stuff.  

But they aren’t changing the jerseys:

Update #1:  Per this tweet, perhaps we can dial it down a notch?  May only affect those on the sidelines, per Kansas athletic department:

This Saturday, college football coaches and sideline personnel at the University of Kansas and other schools, will honor the men and women that help keep America safe by wearing the Stars and Stripes Collection by adidas.

On-field staff will wear the red, white and blue themed apparel and headwear to celebrate, honor and thank those who have served the country.

The full list of adidas universities participating includes:

  • Cincinnati
  • Kansas
  • Louisville
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • Notre Dame
  • NC State
  • Tennessee
  • Texas A & M
  • Wisconsin


Update #2:  I asked Joey Held at Hill and Knowlton to clarify his "jerseys" comment in the note based on the Kansas press release.  Indeed, he checked and it’s sideline jerseys only:

It is just coaches and sideline personnel—sorry for the confusion. The gear is from the Stars and Stripes Collection by adidas, and I was under the impression that included the jerseys as well, but apparently not.

Only have to panic a little bit.  Here’s how the sideline gear looks.

(HT: John U Bacon)

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