Mallett running the Spread Offense

MGoBlog’s Unverified Voracity today published some great stuff, including a link to the 2005 West Virginia playbook. A lot of the plays involved a wiggle, and waggle and the quarterback taking it to the house. It’s TOO EASY! Run, Ryan Run.

Elsewhere: I added a few Big Ten Blog links on the right toolbar. If you’ve got some other suggestions let me know. All these seem to be updated fairly frequently. Funny, after reviewing these I learned quickly that other Big Ten blogs like to talk about Michigan about as much as I do. But sometimes they’re just not very nice about it. A few examples:

The Enlightened Spartan: Hates Michigan and Mitch Albom. Memo to ES: you can have Albom. Take him, please.

Illini Talk: Found the “M”ORON Michigan license plate and got a chuckle.

Buckeye Commentary: Oh the Irony. Columbus ripping on Michigan’s new Hillybilly West Virginianess

Boiled Sports:
The Purdue blog tells WVU fans to chill out and gives them an unbiased reality check.

Black Shoe Diaries: The Penn State site has an interesting poll: Is Michigan hiring Rodriguez good, bad or TBD for Penn State. Ummm…not sure how to take that, right? I mean things aren’t exactly good for Penn State at least with respect to Michigan as is, so for those saying it is a good thing for Penn State, is that because Carr is leaving or because Rodriguez is coming?


  1. In your play, DE owns QB, even if said QB is Pat White.

  2. Not if he bites on the fake football 101.

  3. What if said QB is Batman?