ESPN radio’s Mike & Mike discussed Bill Buckner’s painful legacy this morning and brought up the topic of other names in that conversation. Specifically they wanted athletes that were instantly associated with a disastrous play by the mere mention of their name. They mentioned Bills kicker Scott Norwood and then former Notre Dame lineman Mike Golic brought up another name:

Golic: Let me throw one more name at you…Chris Webber
Greenberg: Well, I don’t think of the time-out that he called is the first thought you think of, do you?
Golic: Yes, it is one of.
Greenberg: His whole career?…He played until this year.
Golic: I understand that. It’s one of. I don’t think it is on the level of certainly a Buckner or a Scott Norwood, those are the two that immediately jump to mind. Somewhere in the first few thoughts of Webber you think of that.
Greenberg: What was Webber when that happened, 19 years old? You give a college kid more of a break. That isn’t the first thought I have when I think of Chris Webber.
Golic: OK
Greenberg: I’m sure for many people it is. I’m sure for many people in Michigan it is. (chuckle, chuckle).

When I think of Webber I don’t jump immediately to the time-out, but like Golic tried to say, it’s one of the things that fires in my brain. Associations such as ‘Fab Five’, ‘Ed Martin’, ‘Unrealized potential’ jump to mind first.

UPDATE: Speaking of ESPN, browsing ESPN’s college football page last night I caught their latest ‘SportsNation Poll’. The question: ‘Which spring story are you following the most?’. As of last night the most popular choice with 45% of the vote is ‘Michigan QB battle’:

Maybe I need to take my head out of the weeds for a moment but I was a bit surprised that this was the biggest story. I can think of several storylines that are more interesting (to me, at least) inside the Michigan camp including:
– Players adjusting to the new program (and some not adjusting)
– How players are coping with the rigors of camp Barwis
– Filling the holes on Michigan offensive line
– Rodriguez’s lawsuit


  1. When I think of Webber I think of the guy who built the Michigan State basketball program.

  2. The truth stings.

  3. Thats what I think of and so do all my non-michigan friends think.I cant talk UM B-ball with out Webber!