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Me back on 9/20:

Punt option:  This prompted a rare in-game post, but I’d love to see Rodriguez consider dropping in the punt roll-out option with Mesko once again especially on those fourth and short situations.  I hated that thing at first but with Zoltan back there handling it I’m completely comfortable after watching how it was employed last season.


Maybe not so great of an idea with when you’re in the shadow of the goalposts.  I haven’t seen all the explanation here but I assume the coaches called the option (really bad idea – and yes, they did) and Mesko made the read to run it (bad idea).

Here’s what a few folks in the crowd thought of it:

mad3  mad1 mad4  

I love the band member on the left.  Mesko hasn’t even taken three steps and he’s looking down the sideline to give Rodriguez the stink eye.

This dude is the most relaxed man I’ve ever seen.  Baby blue jacket, turtleneck, pinkie ring, legs-crossed.   He’s just taking in a great college football game on a wonderful autumn day in East Lansing.  No emotional investment whatsoever—I envy this man:


Rodriguez on the Rugby punt (audio from Monday)


  1. funny post. to quote the indigo girls – which it looks like pinky ring guy might be a fan of, — “You have to laugh at yourself, because you’ll cry your eyes out if you don’t”

  2. Haha, I love the picture of the band member on the left–mainly because I’m the guy to the left of him (in the sunglasses, slowly dropping my Zoltan “Z” in apprehension). One of the officials on the chain gang turned to us and said, “Why did he do that? That was stupid!” which none of us could argue with.

  3. I looked like that guy on the left most of the game. I didn’t really understand most of the play calling for our offense.

  4. @Brian
    I did notice many of the Z’s deteriorating. Nice that the chain gang is providing color commentary.

  5. The problem was that the Space Emperor was wearing a fanny pack. Emperors just don’t wear fanny packs, regardless of how cold it gets.

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