A quick rundown of who voted for Michigan in this week’s AP poll which of course doesn’t really count toward anything but people like to talk about it:


I don’t know if Michigan is worthy of any of this, but I give these guys credit.  They did what most pollsters fail to do—they apparently crumpled up their preseason ballot and voted based on what they’ve watched on the field, how novel.  Here’s the guys who jumped Michigan into the top 20:

Doug Lesmerises – Cleveland Plain Dealer (Newspaper)  <—wow.  This OSU/Michigan love lingers in the aftermath of the moving-The-Game near debacle.
Jon Sololmon – The Birmingham News (Newspaper)  <—In Birmingham they love the Shoelace.
Brett McMurphy – AOL FanHouse (On-line)  <—Brian Cook’s old haunt.

And props to U-M grad Niyo.  I owe him an Underground Printing O’Sullivan’s Mug Club shirt next time I see him.


  1. Speaking of AOL fanhouse, Brian Cook used to write some anti Michigan posts back then.. I know as I read them.. Some things you just don't forget..

  2. Greg from MVictors

    James, that would be fun but I think he's legit. Forget about what you think of Michigan (I'm not sure, I wouldn't have put them anywhere close to 8), he's got a rep for voting on resume, not slot voting based on his previous ballot

  3. Lesmeries caught a lot of flack last year for his voting….he tries to vote strictly based on what happens on the field with no regard for team reputation.