Les Miles and Bo Schembechler, 1975 Michigan team photo

The question of the day. We know that Lloyd Carr will not be fired by Bill Martin. It is up to Carr and he’s made certain arrangements in his contract to make it easier to do so after this season. We can speculate that Carr has already made up his mind but who knows for sure.

Here’s a look at the final Four:

Like the NCAA Final Four, we’ll start both semi-finals on the same day, vote for the next Michigan head coach:





  2. I would love to see Les Miles come here because than he could restore that recruiting pipeline we had with the state of Lousinana. But we have to look at this realisticly, if Lloyd Carr does step down he would most likely want to name his successor the same way Bo did with him. With this being the case I think Mike Debord or Ron English would get the nod.

  3. Corwin Brown is no joke. He was D-Back coach at Notre Dame and is now the Defensive Coordinator at Penn State. I think a young, defensive-minded coach is the perfect solution. As we all know, defense wins championships.
    [Cornflakes is the DC Notre Dame now, and I don’t think anyone thinks he’s a joke]

  4. I think that Bo Pelini at LSU would be the answer. He is the best def coordinator in the land.

  5. I would love to get Brian Kelly or even Pat Hill of Fresno State.

    Go Blue!

  6. Brian Kelly?? No thanks. The way he handled the Trevor Anderson situation rubs me the wrong way.

    I’ll stick with Coach Carr, thank you. He’s a great representative of the University, the consummate leader, fundraiser extraordinaire for Motts, and a true Michigan Man. He’s earned my continued respect and support for as long as he chooses to coach, and there’s no doubt in my mind Michigan will rebound and contend for the Big 10 title this year.

    [The death rattle of any coach..”..great representative of the school…great fundraiser…great man.”]

  7. We’re talking about 2 losses here. I’m saying Coach Carr has done enough – on and off the field – to earn our respect not to be voted out of town.

  8. “We’re talking about 2 losses here:” one loss to a division 1-AA school, and one 32 point loss to a mid-level Pac-Ten school, where Michigan was down 32-7 at halftime. Coach Carr definately earned everyones’ respect, and its irrefutable that he’s a wonderful man. However, these two losses are indisputable evidence that the program is heading in the wrong direction. Michigan has no business losing to Oregon by 30 points. Thus, it is probably time for coach Carr to retire, and time for the AD to bring in a replacement from a different system.

  9. 2 bad losses are indisputable evidence that the program is heading in the wrong direction and we need a replacement? Wow. I guess forget about 3 Rose Bowls in the past 4 years (and I don’t think any team in the country could have beaten the Texas or USC teams we lost to in those gams), 5 BCS bowls, 5 Big 10 titles, 1 national championship, a bowl game every season. Put me in the camp of those willing to give Coach Carr the benefit of the doubt. He’s earned that. And what are we expecting the next coach to do? Win the national championship every year?

  10. USC lost two games last year, to Oregon State and UCLA, two teams who didn’t even approach Michigan’s talent level. Michigan hasn’t been able to defend against the spread for the past 7 years, but the past two games have been the last straw(s). I’ve always supported Coach Carr, but this trend is quite disconcerting, and indicates that there might be some stagnation on the sideline.

  11. Lew is the Carr apologist, I love it. Maybe the webmaster can bring back his boy Navarre to rescue the team?

    Webmaster’s note:

    Hey – he still holds all the records

  12. I was never a Navarre fan, nor am I a fan of his clone, Chad Henne. They suffer from the same problems: they’re immobile and they have a tendency to lock onto receivers. Matt Gutierrez? Now there was a quarterback. Last I checked, he’s the Patriot’s 3rd string QB.

    Anyway, I think Michigan’s main problem (similar to just about every other team from this region of the country) is lack of speed. And the state of Michigan, and most of the rest of the Midwest, for that matter, isn’t exactly a hotbed for speedy football players. The fix for that is pulling more kids from the recruiting grounds of USC, Texas, Fla/FSU/Miami, Georgia, LSU, etc. Namely, the south and SoCal. That’s not going to be easy for any future coach. So, be careful what you wish for. I’ll stick with Coach Carr, thank you, and I’m confident we’ll contend for another Big 10 title.

  13. Is Lew prejudiced against football players from the west and south? Does all that warm weather improve their genetics for speed?

  14. Jim Tressel has done pretty well recruiting “speedy” players to Ohio State. Carr is turning into M’s version of John Cooper.

  15. Prejudiced? Not in the least bit. You don’t think the talent (and speed) is more abundant in the warmer climates? Genetics has nothing to do with it. Where are going with that? Kids can be at it year ’round outside in the warmer climates. C’mon, Jim. You’d rather recruit the Northeast and Midwest instead of the Southeast and Southwest? Have a look at the national champions for the past 20 years:

    And Jim Tressel’s “speedy” OSU team sure looked speedy against Florida in last year’s BCS title game. They got run right out of the building! And they exposed the rest of the conference in the process.

    [Webmaster’s Note: David Duke, I’m still confused on how people from southern/warmer climates are faster. Maybe the real Jimmy the Greek or Al Campanis can explain.]

  16. What’s with the racist jokes? I don’t appreciate it. I think kids from southern/warmer climates in the US can be outside and active for a greater portion of the year than kids in the northern/colder climates – it’s easier to sit inside and be lazy during the colder months. Sure, lots of kids in colder regions can remain active in the winter by focusing on another sport like basketball or hockey, but that takes away from time that could otherwise be devoted to football. And kids are “specializing” in single sports at a much earlier age now – in warmer climates they would seem to have more time throughout the course of the year to devote to becoming better football players. That’s certainly the case in baseball and other sports, and I think that effect is becoming more apparent in football too. Just a theory and certainly open to debate.

  17. Haha, if my parents had only moved to Florida when I was growing up. Maybe it would have shaved a few tenths off my 40 time and my glorious football career would have continued past high school by taking my southern speed to a slow midwest school.

    It also might explain why when I picked up snowboarding in my 30s I was such a natural.

  18. Two words, BILL COWHER! Intense, tough, great leader and teacher. Tell me when he showed up at a recruits’ house, that they wouldn’t be drooling. This guy is such a family guy and would be the toast of Ann Arbor. Cowher to recruits, “See my Super Bowl ring, pretty sweet right. Want to make it to the NFL, well I know what it takes, so come play at the greatest University in the world, get a good college education and learn from me, Iron-Jawed Bill Cowher. Nuff said. Go Blue. Thanks for the 97-98 title Lloyd. but it’s time to go.

  19. where is paul johnson on this list? i mean he consistently wins at navy with less talent then anyone. and i here when he was a coach in 1-AA he was at a rival school to Jim tressel, before he was the ohio state coach, and Paul consistently beat tressel.

  20. Crazy- he made the current ‘Death March Madness’ bracket. Good suggestion

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