You’ve been spoiled for the past four years with Zoltan and you know it.  Enter Will Hagerup.  I got a glimpse of this kid’s leg recently and he can really hit it.   The kicking duties are up in the air but I think this guy will jump right in on Sept 4.  I ran over to chat with him today:

How does it feel to walk in the footsteps of Zoltan?  "Obviously it’s an honor to follow a legend here and a pretty daunting task.  I’m just trying to do as best as I can personally do and not try to set any insane goals and try to compare to him.   He’s been a great mentor to me and doing real well so far in the NFL."

On his performance in the Saturday scrimmage: "Just getting out there and warming up at first was just awesome, first time kicking in the Big House.  So that was a lot of fun.  I thought I did well there, which doesn’t count for much.  In the game, the ball was pretty heavy, it was like punting a sponge.  I didn’t do great, I hadn’t a few pretty good punts but I’d like to do better.  I’ve got two weeks to get myself ready."

On whether he was still helping out on kick-offs:  "I was doing some earlier on, but we’ve got a couple really good kickers who are competing for the job.  I’d really like to just focus on punting for now and make sure I’m as ready as I can be."

Does he expect to see himself out there against UConn?  "It’s still a competition.  Nothing’s given to you when you play college football.  I’m just doing as well as I can."

Does he chat with Zoltan?  "He was my guy on my official visit taking me out, and we talk on a weekly basis.  He just says to try to be as relaxed as you can and embrace the experience, because it’s such an amazing place to be.  I really started realizing that when we got on the field yesterday."


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    1. Looking forward to seeing Will boom out some long ones. I hope he’s practicing on the “out-of’bounds” kick, the way Wally Teninga used to do it in ’47!!!

      GO BLUE111