I was recently forwarded (by a couple people), this piece titled Harmon: "I Know Damn Well I Will" from U-M school of LSA website. 

Does it look wildly familiar, from the title, to the screen shots to the video?  

It should – I posted a strikingly similar piece in July titled Tom Harmon’s Vows – “I know damn well I will!” (1939) and you’ve seen that video a few times I’m sure.

Perhaps the author forgot to mention where he got all that material?   No mention, link or hat tip?

I’m not sure, but I asked my friends at LSA magazine to look into it.   It hurts a little bit being someone who’s been quoted in the magazine, is an LSA grad and even a small time but heartfelt donor to the school.    <<Ugh>>

Update October 26:   Just got a classy email from Lara Zielin, the editor at LSA Magazine.  She explained the genesis of the story idea, where credit should have been given and noted that they are updating the story online with a credit to this site.  Zielin asked to put responsibility for the omission on her (not the author).


  1. Maybe if you weren't a simple blogger, you'd get more credit. I mean, come on now. Aren't you expecting just a bit much?