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backpic: AnnArbor.com

Good stuff this evening from RichRod, enjoy:

Yes, Tate and the other bad bunch got their wings restored.   We can all rest easy.

Check out mgoTim’s rundown of the event including, ahem, one final question:

Rodriguez got one of the first copies of Jon Falk’s new book. He hasn’t read the whole thing yet. "He’s got a lot of stories to tell, and he’s an icon, and everybody loves big Jon."

Oh, postscript.  Yes, there is a scrimmage on Saturday and I’ll be there but it’s a private event and I can’t bring a camera (or have alcohol on my breath or act weird).   Tweeting?  We’ll see.   But I’ll share a few observations on these pages most likely. 

Also we’ve got media day Sunday and I’ll bring back some goodies from there no doubt. 

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