This week WPW takes a look at three outstanding shots, each featuring a unique perspective of three Michigan greats – Cazzie Russell, Tom Harmon and Bill Yearby:
Cazzie Russell with basketball in Yost Field House
Crisler is known as the house that Cazzie built, but here’s a look at Cazzie’s original digs: Yost Arena.  Dang it looks pretty cool in there and I love the angle of that photo.   Memo to #41: Nice socks, Milhous.

Speaking of that venue, who’d like to see a hoops game at Yost?  Get on board #1000SSS.   And maybe they’d even bring back the Old Man?: 
Yost Photo


Tom Harmon emerges from Michigan Stadium Tunnel (1938)
Speaking of cool angles, I’m not sure I can recall a old shot quite like this, here you’ve got Old 98 Tom Harmon in 1938 trotting out of the tunnel handling a pigskin.   Uniform snobs will note the block M socks.  I also love the cheerleader’s sweater and the shiny pants (that guy has a little Barney Fife in him).  Turning to the crowd, clearly if you didn’t wear a hat (children and ladies included) to the game back then you were a square, Daddy-O.  A real flat tire.

What I can’t make out is what’s on the guy’s sweatshirt behind Harmon?  Best guess – it either reads “Maroons” (played in the Big House 10/8/38) or “Spartans” (the season opener 10/1/38). 


Bill Yearby of Michigan leaps during 1965 Rose Bowl (vs. Oregon State)

Hmm, who do you think won this game?   This season marks the 50th anniversary of the underappreciated 1964 Big Ten & Rose Bowl Championship team, and above that’s All-American Bill Yearby leaping and scaring the crap out of an overmatched Oregon State squad in the ‘65 Rose Bowl (U-M 34, OSU 7). 


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  1. Looks to me like the kid’s sweater behind Harmon might say MANAGER.

  2. Buddy Moorehouse

    They absolutely need to hold a hoops game at Yost next year. Brandon would never go for a regular-season game, but you could hold an exhibition there. Schedule an old-timey opponent, like the University of Chicago (assuming the University of Chicago has a team). Wear the Cazzie Russell uniforms. I’m in!

  3. @Buddy Moorehouse
    It sounds like a “wow experience” ;)

  4. Cool idea, but not very practical. We’d have to reconfigure the arena, put a floor in and probably move the scoreboard. That’d be a lot of work/expense for one game, and at an arena that holds half the capacity of Crisler.

  5. I agree with Bando that the sweatshirt behind Harmon looks like it might say “MANAGER”.