It’s Spring Break for many here in Michigan and thus WPW takes the foot off the gas this week, featuring just one shot of General George S. Patton Schembechler:

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Schembechler Hall was dedicated this past weekend, and of course the centerpiece is the new Bo statue.  Details on the 7 1/2 foot bronze Bo features the mandatory ‘M’ hat, sunglasses, a headset (with “BO” in Dymotape label) in his hand, and a Rose Bowl watch on his wrist.  The above 35MM shot of Coach Bo looks to be in the ballpark of the era of the pose that was used for the statue, and that looks to be a Rose Bowl watch shining on his left wrist as he calls timeout.   You can find that photo on eBay right now.

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  1. This photo was more than likely taken from the 1974 season. I base that finding on a few things: (1) Facemasks – 1974 was the last year UM wore the gray facemasks. (2) Players – #27 is WR Keith Johnson (1972-75). Behind Bo is #16 QB Mark Elzinga (1972-75). The sideburns are the give away there. The masked player in the back is #74 OL Kirk Lewis (1972-76). His signature mustache is the give away there. So at the latest, this pic is from 1974, and not from the 80’s as the recent statue depicts of Bo. My final identifying piece is the watch. It is the same watch that Bo is wearing in his iconic pose found here:
    The year of that iconic photo?