eBay provides a seemingly never-ending flow of classic photos featuring historic Michigan figures or scenes.   Today here are a few favorites after scanning the auction site:

380822550459 Cake of Victory

The Cake of Victory – Bo’s men famously cut down Ohio 24-12 in 1969 and soon after, apparently the Ann Arbor Quarterbacks Club had Schembechler slice up this victory cake.   

370991589372 Ferry Field Clubhouse 

Ferry Facility – A very cool shot of the athletics “Club House” facility outside Ferry Field.  Via the U-M Bentley Historical Library:    

A “club house,” or locker room, located at the east end of Ferry Field, was completed in time for the 1912 football season. Previously the Michigan and visiting teams used the locker rooms in Waterman Gym on the north edge of campus, making the almost one mile trek along State Street before and after games. The building, designed in the style of an old English club house by the Detroit architectural firm of Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, provided separate locker room facilities for home and visiting teams as well as offices and lecture rooms for the Michigan coaches, as well as a lounge area. Total cost of the club house and equipment was $37,000. Now known as the Marie Hartwig Building, the former club house currently houses the Ticket Office, Sports Information Office, Development Office and other Athletic Department administrative offices.


191033106949 All Whites 

All Whites Omelets  – From the ‘76 Orange Bowl.  Those stripes!  All that white!  Would you like to see the all-whites return? 


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  1. I say no to the all-whites… We are not Penn State!

    Wish they would bring back this white road jersey http://www.annarbor.com/assets_c/2010/10/TOM-BRADY-thumb-300×250-56673.jpg Blue numbers with maize outline, NO PIPING and the great looking block M on the shoulders.

  2. Just say no to white.
    I’d like us to never (or very rarely) wear white jerseys again. As follows:

    1) Home uniforms stay as is.
    2) When possible, wear Home uniforms on the road and at neutral sites.
    3) If Home uniforms aren’t possible at a road/neutral site game, then flip our jersey and pant scheme, ie blue pants and maize jerseys.
    4) If blue pants and maize jerseys aren’t possible, then wear white jerseys and maize pants.

    #3 will likely happen mainly at Penn St. (No, we will not participate in your White-out, PSU)
    It will be a rare day that we need to do #4.