A few from pregame down on the field. 

002 - Slippery Rock
The crew from Slippery Rock – they got a huge welcome from the crowd:


003 - Wooo

I don’t have any audio but trust me, it sounded like exactly like this: “Wooooooooooo!”   Ladies Field Hockey champions, the “Woo” girls


011 - Alex Wood 
The other champs—here’s Men’s soccer team captain Alex Wood with their new hardware:


005 - T Wolf
Troy Woolfolk looking well; walking around


006 - Ball!Ball!  Ball!  Ball!


006 - Brandon StudentsThis is your AD Dave Brandon, chatting with a few students about the new lights and the test he did this week.

009 - Leap2

Always a great performance by the drum major – here with the leap.


  1. hi..i would like to say i am very disopointed in michigan football..i am just a kid and iv stayed loyal for awhile..but i just about had it…i love in ohio,and my family is for ohio st. but i still stay loyal…but comon,this is rediculous…i am disopointed in the players and te staff do something next season plz..especially denard

  2. As always – thanks for the great pics!! Go Blue – Beat the Buckeyes!