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OK, I’ve got one more copy of the new paperback version of John U. Bacon’s epic ‘Three and Out’.   I’m guessing I might even be able to convince Bacs to sign it for you.  Want it?  

Write a caption for this and I’ll pick a winner:

Yost to Friedman Pigskin

That’s the Grand Old Man Fielding H. Yost on the left tossing a ridiculously large and awesome pigskin to U-M Legend (and Top 25’er all-time) Benny Friedman.   They were attending a coaching convention together back in 1937.

Contest ends next Saturday.  Creativity scores big points.

FYI – This pic is also up for bid on eBay right now

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  1. A blimp from Yost floats coast to coast.

  2. Via @mikekhomutin on Twitter: Too easy, “Photographic evidence suggests Rodriguez not the first Michigan coach to recruit small, nimble slot receivers.”

  3. Before Manball, there was Elfball!

  4. Trust me, you won’t have a problem catching this ball I throw.

  5. History Captured–The Moment Michigan Invented the Forward Pass!

  6. Fielding, You designed this for the “Big House”..awesome!!!!!!