02. April 2008 · Comments Off on WVU Engineering Feat · Categories: Archive 2008

Saw this last night on the SI on Campus page. It’s some of West Virginia University’s finest applying their engineering skills on a beer pong table:

Man, I think they used half the available wiring in the state on that one. For all that wiring I’d expect that thing should be able to order your pizza and take you to pick it up. The space shuttle is envious of the wiring on that table.

These guys will no doubt have a prosperous career setting up carnival lighting. Perhaps their next project will focus on creating a coach that won’t bolt for Ann Arbor.

Speaking of Beer Pong, the same site (SI on Campus) found this link to the latest Power Rankings of the sororities and fraternities at Michigan [SAE #2?? How are the men of 1408 not #1?].

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